RE: [AH] do blacet and doepfer "play well together" ?

From Bakis Sirros
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Not exactly.
I have a Doepfer A100 and a blacet/metalbox system and use them
They work fine, but you have to be carefull of certain blacet modules
that are going to output a 15volts signal.
These 15 volts singals, that a few blacet modules may output,(you can
check which blacet modules output such high voltages by looking at the
blacet modules user manuals/pdf's), cannot be normally accepted by
specific Doepfer modules.
This list of Doepfer modules is, roughly,:
A152, a155, a154, the vc switches modules and sequential switch modules,
plus a few others that I cannot recall right now.
Anyway, as I have told before, in the same issue, in the same list, it
is better to use attenuators when connecting these 15volts blacet
signals to these specific Doepfer modules.
This way you bring the 15volts voltages to up to 12 volts that every
Doepfer module can accept.
For more specific info and a full list of the Doepfer modules that will
not accept 15 volt signals please contact Doepfer direct.
Best regards,    :-)

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no, you won't blow anything up.  Might be some slight voltage
but that is the beauty of modular gear.  You can patch in a toy guitar
and make it work.


On Fri, Jan 05, 2007 at 05:22:35PM -0500, Greg Martin wrote:
> I have been thinking about putting together a case full of Doepfer
> other eurorack) modules to interface with the case of
> Blacet/Wiard/Metalbox/Cynthia modules that I already have. I know that
> Doepfer and the euro-rack format modules have a different case size
> power supply needs, but other than that will they interface well
> do they all function on the same standard for
> v/oct. etc...? Will I "blow something up" by trying to use these
> together...?
> Thanks,
> Greg

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