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Other than the three PS-3300 Modulars (Only 60 or so were made...)
Matt Black's impressive collection of gear includes one of the only two
ever built-VCS-4s.  He has the mustard one with the black faceplate.
I met Matt and Jonathon when they came to Montreal and gave him a
VCS-3 Mk1 manual for his VCS-4, which is essentially a Mk1 with a
Cricklewood Keyboard attached.  This is likely the prototype which
later evolved into the Synthi AKS.  According to the A-Z of Analogue, 
the first VCS-4 was designed by Robin Wood's brother Kif.

The other VCS-4 consisted of two VCS-3 Mk1s with a keyboard and
was designed by David Cockerell for Peter Zinovieff.

Both units were born in 1971.

Matt Black is also a huge MS-20 fan, but Coldcut got theirs stolen a
couple years back.

How's my trainspotting?

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> Subject: album sleeve on the new coldcut
> Date: Monday, September 29, 1997 11:22 AM
> The new coldcut has little tiny photos of what appears to be a *good*
variety of
> analogues & modulars.  Surprisingly in my notsovast knowledge of the
> there are a lot of them I cannot identify.  If someone has the CD and
cares to
> give a shot at some trainspotting, I would be greatly appreciative.  For
> who are unfamiliar with coldcut, he is pretty much the current hype on
> experimental edge of hiphoppish-funked-up-synth/turntable/sampling stuff.
> justin
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