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From Bright Boy
Sent Fri, Jun 30th 2000, 14:26

Hey Gang!

Time for another book sale -- this time with plenty of heavy
hitters.  Due to the extended 4th of July holiday weekend I'm 
taking, I *may* not respond to your inquiries until July 5th....

Please check out the books that I need for my personal collection
at the end of the email....

Fianlly, I am now setup to receive PayPal payments for all the 
lazy people out there who can't seem to make it to the post office....

Here we go....

(1)	The Evolution of Electronic Music
	By David Ernst
	Schirmer Books, 1977, Softcover, 274 Pages, Mint

	This hard-to-find book provides a rare, DEEP insight &
	analysis into the compositional & technical details
	behind the works of the great music concrete composers of 
	our time (K. Stockhausen, P. Henry, E. Varese, O. Luening,
	M. Subotnick, J. Cage, etc).  This is primarily 
	accomplished through the use of NUMEROUS illustrations 
	and patching/setup diagrams of the likes that I have NEVER 
	seen in any other text!!!!  Each chapter provides a 
	discography  of related works and the book ends with a 
	wonderful bibliography.  You won't be dissappointed with 
	this text!!!!

	Here's a run-down on the contents:

	I. Music for Solo Tape
	1. Music from Voice & Instrument
	2. Music from Electronic & Concrete Sounds
	3. Music from Vocal, Electronic, & Other Concrete Sounds

	II. Music for Performers and Tape
	4. Music for Voice & Tape
	5. Music for Instruments & Tape

	III. Live Electronics
	6. Tape Recorders in Live Performance
	7. Amplification/Modification in Live Performance
	8. Live Electronic Esembles
	9. Synthesizers in Live Performance

	IV. Compositional Techniques
	Filtering, Tape Manipulation, Intermodulation, 
	Control Voltage Patching Examples

	PRICE = $38.00 + Shipping

(2)	The New Music: The Sense Behind the Sound
	By Joan Peyser
	Delacorte Press, 1971, Hardcover w/ Mylar DJ, 204 Pages
	Ex-Library, Very Clean!

	This book provides a nice survey of 20th century music
	as broken into three different catagories:

	I.   Scheonberg, Webern, & the Astro German Tradition
	II.  Stravinsky & the Franco-Russian Style
	III. Varese & Other Musical Currents

	The topic of electronic music is primarily touched
	upon in Section III

	PRICE = $11.00 + Shipping

(3)	The Synthesizer by Roland Corp - 2nd Edition, 1979

	This 4-volume book set comes housed in the standard
	cardboard holder (has some taped edges/seams but still
        firm, tight, and clean) and contains the following titles:
	* A Foundation For Electronic Music (Mint)
	* Multichannel Recording For Electronic Music (Mint)
	* Practical Synthesis For Electronic Music Part 1 (Mint)
	* Practical Synthesis For Electronic Music Part 2 (Mint)
	These books contain exhaustive patching examples using
	the Roland System 100m modules in the illustrations.
	Perfect companion text for the owner of ANY modular
	synthesizer (Aries, Buchla, Doepfer, E-mu, MOdCAN, 
	Moog, MOTM, Nord, Roland, Serge, etc.)

	PRICE = $75.00 + Shipping

(4)	Rock Hardware:  The Instruments, Equipment, and
	Technology of Rock/Edited By Tony Bacon
	Harmony Books, 1981, 1st EDITION, 224 Pages

	This highly illustrated book has chapters on all
	the instruments used in rock-n-roll.  The two
	chapters of particular interest would be the 
	Keyboard section and the Synthesizer section.  
	Featured are some nice pictures of the following:
	full page color shot of Tomita in front of his 
	Moog Modular, Keith Emerson w/ Korg PS-3300/3100,
	Boob Moog with various modulars, 1st Minimoog
	prototype, Moog Source, Wasp, Brian Eno with VCS3,

	PRICE = $25.00 + Shipping (Mint, Hardcover no DJ)
	PRICE = $21.00 + Shipping (N-MINT, Softcover)

(5)	Rock School 2: Electronics, Keyboards & Vocals
	Edited by Chris Lent
	1987, Softcover, 192 Pages, MINT!

	This book was a companion to the Public Television
	series hosted by Herbie Hancock in the late 80's
	on music instruction.  The book is very similiar
	to the Rock Hardware book as it contains LOTS of
	never before published photos of 80's artists with 
	their gear (Vince Clarke, YMO, Jan Hammer, Keith
	Emerson, Tangerine Dream, Eno, Japan, George Duke,
	Human League, etc)  The difference is that the book 
	also contains instructional techniques.

	Check it out:

	Music Basics
		Notes, Scales, Chords
		The Staff
		Box Diagrams
		Drum Notation
	Hardware History
		Electic/Electronic Pianos
		Electronic Organs
		All About MIDI
		Types of MIDI Products
		Guitar Synths
		Bass Guitar Synths
		Sequencer Types
		Computers in Music
		Drum & Electronics
		Acoustic Drums
		Five String Bass
		Playing Bass Synth
		Creative Sequencing
		Playing Drum Machines
		Guitar and Bass
		Fretboard Tapping for Guitar
		Hammering On
		Two Handed Bass Playing
	Vocal Techniques
	Song Structure

	PRICE = $17.00 + Shipping

(6)	Musical Applications of Microprocessors
	By Hal Chamberlin
	2nd Edition, Hayden Books, 802 Pages
	Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket, MINT!

	This long out-of-print and hard to obtain
	book is JAMMED pack with a plethora of information 
	on the design of analog, digital, analog/digital 
	hybrid synthesizers.  Hal Chamberlin was the chief 
	designer of the Chroma Polaris synthesizer and many 
	of it's internal design details are contained in 
	this book.  Hal currently works for the R&D 
	division of Kurzweil (Young Chang Associates)

	PRICE = $47.00 + Shipping

(7)	(Pierre) Boulez: Composer, Conductor, Enigma
	By Joan Peyser
	Schirmer Books, 1976, Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket, 303 Pages
	Mint (Slightly Worn DJ)
	Excellent book on the life & works of a pioneering 
	avant-garde composer and the founder of the IRCAM 
	organization.  Contains a nice selection of B/W photos 
	and example score exerpts.
	PRICE = $18.00 + Shipping

(8)	Contemporary Composers on Contemporary Music
	Edited by Elliott Schwartz & Barney Childs
	1967, 1st Edition, Hardcover (no Dust Jacket)
	375 Pages, N-Mint

	This is an exhaustive collection of essays written
	by over 30 key figures of 20th century music.
	The following is a list of the authors/essays 
	contained in the book that are directly relevant 
	to electronic music:

	Edgard Varese
		The Liberation of Sound
	Harry Partch
		Experiments in Notation
	Henry Brant
		Space as an Essential Aspect of Musical 
	Milton Babbitt
		Who cares if you listen?
	Otto Luening
		Some random remarks about Electronic Music
	John Cage
		Interview with Roger Reynolds
	PRICE = $15.00 + Shipping

(9)	Twentieth Century Music by H. H. Stuckenschmidt
	McGraw-Hill, 1972, 256 Pages, Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket,
	Excellent Condition

	This book contains a superb coverage of the pioneering
	forces of avant-garde/musique concrete (Boulez, Cage,
	Stockhausen, etc) with an incredible selection of
	early B/W photos and illustrations/scores.

	1. Romanticism and Anti-Romanticism
	2. Emancipation
	3. Noise and Timbre
	4. Simultaneity
	5. New Means of Organization
	6. Revisions and Reversions
	7. The Music of Commitment
	8. Folk Music and Exotic Music
	9. Technical Sound Material
	10. Mathematics - For and Against
	11. Years of Experiment
	12. Consolidation

	PRICE = $13.00 + Shipping

(10)	A Guide To Electronic Music By Paul Griffiths
	Thames & Hudson, 1979, Softcover, 128 Pages, Mint

	This is more of an academic, historical text 
	with no pictures.  However, the appendix does 
	contain a nice discography of composers & 
	compositions.  The following is a chapter

	I. Introduction
	II. The Electronic Repertory
		Out Of The Known
		The Electronic Voice
		Out Of The Unknown
		The Instrument & Its Double
		Electronic Instruments
		Live Electronic Ensembles
		The Music Of The World
	III. Appendices

	PRICE = $7.00 + Shipping

(11)	Problems of Modern Music (The Princeton Seminar
	in Advanced Musical Studies)
	Norton Library, 1960, Softcover, 121 Pages, Mint

	This book of the following essays by a number of
	key figures originally appeared in the April 1960 
	issue of The Musical Quarterly:

	1. Paul Fromm
	   	The Princeton Seminar (Purpose & Promise)
	2. Roger Sessions
	   	Problems and Issues Facing the Composer Today
	3. Edward Cone
	   	Analysis Today
	4. Elliott Carter
	   	Shop Talk by an American Composer
	5. Vladimir Ussachevsky
	   	Notes on a Piece for Tape Recorder
	6. Ernst Krenek
		Extents & Limits of Serial Techniques
	7. Allen Forte
		Bartok's "Serial Composition"
	8. Milton Babbitt
		12-Tone Invariants as Compositional

	PRICE = $9.00 + Shipping

(12)	Electronic Music: The Instruments, The Music,
	and The Musicians by Andy Mackay
	Control Data Publishing, 1981, Hardcover w/ DJ
	124 Pages, Excellent Condition

	A great historical overview with great pictures
	and illustrations.  The following is a list of
	the contents:

	Part #1 - The Instruments
		The History
		The Commercial Studio
		The Classic Studio
		Acoustics & Synthesis
		Amplifiers & Loudspeakers
		The Electric Guitar
		The Synthesizer
		Live Electronics
		Multi-Media Rock
	Part #2 - The Music
		Electronics & the Orchestra
		Tape Music
		The Electronic Studio: Stockhausen
		Europe & America
		Electronics in Performance: Cage
		The Revolution in Notation
		Images of Nature
		Music & Movement
		The Business
	Part #3 - The Musicians
		A-Z of Selected Composers

	PRICE = $18.00 + Shipping

(13)	Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques, & Controls
	By Allen Strange
	1972, 1st Edition, Softcover, 160 Pages
	Excellent Condition with Minor Cover Stain/Wear

	This is quite possibly one of the best books
	written on analog modular synthesis theory.
	Each chapter is profusely illustrated with
	patching examples to accompany the text.
	Perfect for any owner of any modular synth
	new or old (analog or digital)

	PRICE = $57.00 + Shipping

(14)	Electronic Music Composition for Beginners
	By Robert Adams
	WCB Publishers, 1992, 2nd EDITION, Softcover
	293 Pages, N-Mint

	Don't let the name of this book fool you.  This 
	textbook style book contains a wealth of information 
	that will appeal to the die-hard analogue synthesist 
	as well as the die-hard digital synth user.  A perfect
	companion to the Deutsch, "Synthesis", you will ready
	to attack your first serious composition upon digesting
	the material contained in these texts!!!!

	Take a peak inside:

	I. Introduction
		The Studio
		A MIDI Primer
	II. Instrument Design (Synthesis Theory)
		Analog Modules/Digital Parameters
		Instrument Design Procedures
	III. Score Construction
		Recording Basics
		Sound Extensions
	IV. Electronic Composition
		Sequencing Basics
		Aspects of Composition
		Creative Sequencing
		Waveform/Harmonic Spectra
		Frequencies of Even Tempered Scale
		More About MIDI
		Music Hardware/Software
		References/Suggested Reading

	PRICE = $31.00 + Shipping

(15)	The Liberation of Sound: An Introduction to
	Electronic Music By Herbert Russcol
	Prentice Hall, 1972, Hardcover w/ DJ, 315 Pages

	This text contains a wealth of information,
	complete with a nice section of b/w pictures
	of our ancestors (Cage, Stockhausen, Varese,
	Xenakis, Luening, Babbitt, Ussachevsky, etc)
	on the history of electronic music.  The 
	following is a breakdown of the contents:

	Part #1 - The Breakup of the Harmonic Era
	1. The First Revolution: 1900
	2. The 19th century Romantic upheavel
	3. The American Experimental Tradition
	4. Revolution II: The 1950's
	Part #2 - The Search For A New Music
	5. The Historical Background
	6. Edgard Varese
	7. A chronology of Electronic Music from
	   the invention of the phonograph to the
	   first "school" of electronic music
	Part #3 - The First Schools of Electronic
	Music in the 1950's
	8. The Breakthrough of the Tape Recorder
	9. Musique Concrete
	10. The Cologne Studio
	11. The scene in America in the 1950's
	12. A Chronology of Electronic Music from
	    "Musique Concrete" to the death of Varese

	Part #4 - The Experimental Sixties
	13. Some Leading Composers of Electronic Music

	Part #5 - Music and Computers
	14. Pandora's Box
	15. Music and Numbers

	Part #6 - Electronic Music on Records
	16. Reviews of selected recordings
	17. A Partial discography of electronic music
	    on recordings.

	Appendices and Bibliography
	A. Documented History of the Cologne School
	   by Otto Luening
	B. Some Thoughts on Computers and Music
	   by J.B. Pierce, Bell Laboratories
	C. The Composer and Computer Music
	   by Hubert Howe
	D. A Glossary of Electronic Terms
	E. Selected Bibliography

	PRICE = $33.00 + Shipping

(16)	The Music Machine - Selected Readings From The
	Computer Music Journal edited By Curtis Roads
	M.I.T. Press, 1989, Large Softcover, 725 Pages, Mint

	This technically minded book contains numerous 
	chapters within the following section headings:  

	Interviews, Composition, The MIDI Interface, 
	Music Software, Synthesis & Signal Processing, 
	Signal Processing Hardware, Music & Artificial 
	PRICE = $27.00 + Shipping

(17)	The Electronic Arts of Sound and Light
	By Ronald Pellegrino
	1983, Hardcover w/ DJ, 256 Pages, N-Mint

	This is defiantely one obscure book that I've only
	run across twice in my travels.  Synthesis thoery
	is explained using the EMS Synthi, MiniMoog, & Arp 2600,
	synthesizers as the guiding examples and illustrations.
	The book proceeds to illustrate how to patch modular 
	synths to control lasers and x-y scopes in order to 
	generate wonderful vector art.  Finally, this book 
	boasts of containing the only picture of Serge Tcherepin
	(designer of the Serge Modular) that I've ever seen.

	Here are the contents:

	Intro. An Ode To Electronic Instruments in the Arts
	1. A Brief History
	2. The Nature of Waves
	3. The Synthesizer: An Interactive Electronic Wave Instrument
	4. The Computer
	5. Oscillographics and Film
	6. Videographics and the Electronic Arts Studio
	7. Laser Light Forms
	8. Composition

	PRICE = $47.00 + Shipping

(18)	Guitar Gadgets by Craig Anderton
	1983, Softcover, 192 Pages, N-Mint
	(Missing Demo Flexi-Disc)

	This book is an exhaustive overview of the theory 
	and usage of all the popular effect pedals.  Pictures
	of many recently deemed "vintage" guitar stompboxes are 
	contained in the text.  If you aren't using guitar effects
	in your synth rig, you really don't know what you're missing!

	1.  About Effects
	2.  Shopping For Gadgets
	3.  Comparing Effect Construction
	4.  Understanding Specifications
	5.  Level Altering Effects 
		(Fuzz, Compressor/Limiter, Tremolo, Noise Gate, etc)
	6.  Frequency Response Altering Effects
		(Wah, Envelope Filter, Parametric EQ, Vocoder, etc)
	7.  Time Shifting Effects
		(Tape Echo, Reverb, Delays, Octave Dividers, etc)
	8.  Multi-Effects Systems Technical Considerations
	9.  Multi-Effects - Selecting The Proper Order
	10. What to do if Your Boxes Breakdown

	PRICE = $18.00 + Shipping

(19)	The Complete Electronic Percussion Book
	By David Crombie
	1987, Softcover, 80 Pages, MINT!

	In addition to containing a wealth of technical information
	on the usage of & theory behind electronic drums and drum 
	machines, this book is littered with pictures of almost 
	every popular drum machine ever produced.  It also contains
	a rare interview with Dave Simmons and large collection
	of drum machine patterns!

	1. Sound & Percussion
	2. Electricity
	3. Percussion Voices
	4. Drum Machines
	5. Electronic Kit
	6. The Players
	7. Interview w/ Dave Simmons
	Appendix 1: Synchronizing & Interfacing 
		    Electronic Percussion Instruments
	Appendix 2: Inputs and Output Signals
	Appendix 3: Rhythm Patterns

	PRICE = $18.00 + Shipping

(20)	Synthesis: An Introduction to the History, Theory, 
	and Practice of Electronic Music
	By Herbert Deutsch
	REVISED Edition, 1985, Softcover, 120 Pages, Mint

	This updated, classic text is a great starting point for
	those interested in beginning to learn analogue synthesis 
	theory.  Countless diagrams, illustrations, and patching
	examples make understanding the concept at hand a breeze.
	Also, included in the center of the book is a 12 page
	photogallery containing really nice pictures of the
	following: MiniMoog, System100m, Bob Moog, Keith Emerson,
	EMS Synthi, Moog Opus III, MC-4, Moog Modulars, MC-202,
	Devo w/ Moog Librations, GR-300, various Korgs, Voyetra 8,
	Fairlight, and 80's icon Bo Tomlyn!!!!

	Here's a chapter breakdown:

	1. Today's Musical Vocabulary
	2. A Short History of Electronic Music
	3. The Tape Recorder as a Musical Instrument
	4. The Electronic Synthesis of Sound
	5. The Analog Synthesizer
	6. Signal Processors & Analog Sequencers
	7. Polyphonic, Programmable, and Hybird Synthesizers
	8. Computers and Music

	PRICE = $28.00 + Shipping

(21)	Perspectives of Contemporary Music Theory
        Edited by Benjamin Boretz & Edward Cone
	The Norton Library, 1972, Softcover
	285 Pages, Excellent

	Another fine collection of essays written by
	the leading 20th century composers:

	Karlheinz Stockhausen
		The Concept of Unity in Electronic Music
	Milton Babbitt
		Concepts of the Nature & Limits of Music
		Structure & Function of Musical Theory
		Set Structure as a Compositional Determinant
		12-Tone Rhythmic Structure & the Electronic Media
	Arthur Berger
		New Linguistic Modes & the New Theory
	Benjamin Boretz
		"Languages of Art" from a Musical Point of View
	Pierre Boulez
	Edward Cone
		Music: A View from Delft
		Beyond Analysis
	Richard Martin
		On the Proto-Theory of Musical Structure
	Henri Pousseur
		The Question of Order in New Music
	J. K. Randall
		Two Lectures to Scientists
		Operations on Waveforms
	David Lewin
		Theory of Segmental Association in 12-Tone Music
	Peter Westergaard
		Some Problems in Rhythmic Theory & Analysis
		Toward a 12-Tone Polyphony
	Godfrey Winham
		Composition with Arrays

	PRICE = $15.00 + Shipping

(22)	Modern Music: The Avant Garde since 1945
	by Paul Griffiths
	1981, Softcover, 331 Pages, MINT

	This is a FANTASTIC book that covers the
	full spectrum of modern music.  This book
	picks up where most 20th century music books
	leave off.  All the major players are covered
	and the book contains numerous illustrations.

	Part #1 - The Serial Ascendancy
	1. Paris 1945-1948
	2. New York, 1948-1950
	3. Darmstadt/Paris, 1951-1952
	4. New York, 1951-1953
	5. Cologne, 1953-1954
	6. The Avant Garde Acheivement, 1954-1958
	7. Chances & Choice
	8. Moments of Parting

	Part #2 - Music in the 1960's and 1970's
	9.  American Serialism -> Computer Music
	10. Interdeterminacy -> Changing The System
	11. Quotation -> Integration
	12. Virtuosity -> Improvisation
	13. Opera -> Music Theatre
	14. Series -> Melody

	PRICE = $21.00 + Shipping

(23)	Rationalizing Culture: IRCAM, Boulez, and the
	Institutionalization of the Musical Avant Garde
	By Georgina Born
	Univ of California Press, 1995, 390 Pages, MINT

	This book provides a wonderful insight into the
	history, philosophy, and musical output of the
	infamous IRCAM music research organization and
	it's creator, 20th century music icon, 
	Pierre Boulez. 8 Pages of b/w pictures are 

	PRICE = $13.00 + Shipping

(24)	Musical Sound By John Pierce
	Scientific American Library, 1983, 242 Pages
	Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket, Mint

	This HIGHLY illustrative book is one of the
	few that successfully explains sound/music in 
	terms science and physics without requiring an 
	advanced degree to understand the material.
	This is a required reading for any serious
	synthesist.  Comes complete with 2 example
	flexi-disc records which are both in mint shape.
	Here's the run down of the contents:

	1. Sound & Music
	2. Periodicity, Pitch, & Waves
	3. Sine Waves & Resonance
	4. Scales & Beats
	5. Helmholtz & Consonance
	6. Rameau & Harmony
	7. Ears to Hear With
	8. Power & Loudness
	9. Masking
	10. Other Phenomena of Hearing
	11. Architectural Acoustics
	12. Sound Reproduction
	13. Analysis, Synthesis, & Timbre
	14. Perception, Illusion, & Effect
	A. Terminology
	B. Mathematical Notation
	C. Physical Quantities & Units
	D. Mathematics & Waves
	E. Reflection of Waves
	F. Computer Generation of Sound (Music V)
	G. Microbiographies
	H. Bibliography
	I. Description of the Recorded Musical
	   Sound Examples (Flexi-Discs)

	PRICE = $35.00 + Shipping

(25)	Portfolio and Art News Annual: Literature,
	Theatre, Music, Science, Visual Arts
	Art Foundation Press, 1960, Hardcover
	188 Pages, Excellent condition

	This very obscure, large-scale book (9.5"x 13")
	appears to be an annual year-end review of possibly
	two magazines?  Contained in this text is a wonderful 
	article entitled, "Space Music & Music For The Space Age"
	written by Hans Heinsheimer.  Of the 11 pages this
	article spans, 8 pages are primarily filled with rare
	early b/w photos and illustrations.  As you would
	expect for this time period, the article focuses
	mainly on our musique concrete heritage.

	PRICE = $25.00 + Shipping

As always, the above prices are in US funds and must be pre-paid 
with either a US Postal money order or via PayPal.  As soon as I
receive payment, your book(s) will be promptly shipped in a 
very safe and secure manner.

Finally, here's a list of books that I'm looking to OBTAIN 
for my personal collection.  I am open to trades or will
buy outright:

(1) 	Digital Audio Signal Processing: An Anthology
	by John Strawn (HARDCOVER Edition Only!!!!)

Good luck!

Jeff R. Dec