[AH] It's outrageous!

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Mon, Jan 18th 1999, 20:35

To all those souls who replied to me with complimentary words, comments and
requests to buy "my" gear, at no point do I actually mention that the list
I posted (below) was a list of stuff that *I* own, but merely _a list of
gear_. I've never even seen a Roland System 700, and I have no idea what an
Arp 2600 Green Meanie is, even if it came up and barked at me, either; I
made it up :-) I copied and pasted the list of synths off entries in the
archive. 4 CS-80's?! if only....

>> While we're on the subject of gear, here's my list:
>> Emu Modular
>> Moog System 55
>> Roland System 700
>> Roland System 100M
>> Roland System 100
>> Korg PS3300/3200/3100
>> Korg MS-50 x 3
>> Yamaha GX-1
>> Yamaha CS-80 x 4
>> Synton Syrinx Deluxe
>> Arp 2200
>> Arp 2600 Green Meanie

IMO, such lists serve no real purpose, other than promoting the likelihood
of engendering gear-envy (especially for us British!), so the sexual organ
simile could be seen as somewhat appropriate (unless you're a female member
of the list, probably).

Somebody said:

>>What's NOT amazing but expected is how a request for gear lists resulted in
>>a... bunch of posts with gear lists.

...which was not quite what the original poster asked. It was actually more

>>The only reason i asked about everybody's gear list was, like Scott
>>said, to find out what you guys do with it and how it has helped you
>>achieved your sound making/programming/musical goals.

What would have been *far* more useful would have been the posters of all
the gear lists giving a bit more detail about their use, as the poster
requested. Alas, almost no-one did this, and the posts ended up as being
long and rather meaningless lists of electronic musical equipment. However,
it's obviously a very popular thread, so what would I know?!

If anyone really cares what I *do* actually own, please feel free to mail
me, and I'll send a, er, list! :-)

Grosses bisses,