Re: [AH] good budget mixer

From Michael E. Caloroso
Sent Sat, Nov 1st 2003, 20:47

Jim Josev wrote:
> hello all,
> Just looking for some opinions... I need a decent affordable mixer w/
> basic features (4+ aux, eq, 4+ bus). I don't really like the Mackies.
> I am planning on buying a used vintage board one day but for the time
> being cannot afford it so I need a decent (temp.. if you will) mixer
> for now. So what is warm, has musical EQ, transparent and big
> sounding? Soundcraft? A&H? how about Midas? Yamaha 24bit-96k series
> digital??

I'm a big fan of A&H boards.

They're late 1980s vintage but A&H SR series are great bargains these 
days.  I bought an SR-416 16 channel 4 subgroup 4 aux board two years 
ago for $200.  They came in 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32 channel versions, 
models SR-8, SR-12, SR-16, SR-416, SR-24, SR-424, SR-432.  Only the 16 
and higher channel boards have subgroups and they will have the "4" 
prefix as in SR-4xx.  I've seen the SR-424s go for $400 on the 'bay. 
The SR-432 is really huge and unwieldy.  The SRs are not compact, my 
SR-416 is 3ft wide by 2-1/2ft deep but lots of room for stubby fingers.

EQ is four band; although none are sweepable, they are more musical than 
Mackie or Behringer.  Nice PFL system for monitoring.  The channels have 
discrete preamps which sounded nice and transparent to my ears, and the 
high end has nice crisp definition.  I use it to run sound for my R&B 
band; the live mic'd drums sound incredible, especially the cymbals from 
the overhead mic.

You can hear the SR-416 at work at under the "Feeling Lucky" 
section.  Those are live recordings from the SR to analog four track.

We outgrew 16 channels so I bought an A&H GL-2200 32 channel board this 
summer and I am equally happy with that as well.  The board is four 
subgroup with 28 mono channels, two stereo channels, and two stereo FX 
returns.  Each channel has that nice discrete preamp, four band EQ two 
of them sweepable, six aux sends, and 100mm faders.  The stereo FX 
returns have EQ, aux sends, and 60mm faders.  Mute and 4-LED level 
indicator for every channel, subgroup, and mains (nice!!).  PFL and AFL 
system.  For twice the channels it is only ten inches wider than my old 
SR board.  It can be configured for theatre, church, monitor, or FOH. 
Also includes talkback system and test tone (pink noise/1Khz sine) 
routable to main, aux, and subgroups.  Strips are separate PC boards as 
opposed to grouping eight channels on a single PC board, which I prefer. 
  I paid $2400 new for mine, better price than Mackie!

Since I upgraded to the GL for live work, I keep the old SR at home for 
mixing live recordings and it's doing fine.