Re: [AH] recent artists using analog modulars

From Richard Lainhart
Sent Fri, Feb 15th 2008, 18:29

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At the risk of further self-promotion, I just released a new album of  
Buchla 200e music on MusicZeit, called "The Beautiful Blue Sky":

I was going to make a more formal announcement about it here, along  
with notice about the MusicZeit re-issue of "These Last Days", my  
first CD (featuring the Korg DW-8000), but this seems like a golden  


> The discussion around seminal analog synth albums was great. I was  
> wondering
> if people had examples of artists who have used analog modular (or
> semi-modular) synths to make work in the last few years (obviously  
> this is a
> huge topic, so maybe just your favorites?)
> I quite like
> Alden Tyrell "Times Like These" : Roland System 100m
> Simian Mobile Disco "Attack Decay Sustain Release" : Doepfer A-100
> Ellen Allien & Apparat "Orchestra of Bubbles" : Arp 2600
> best regards,
> Michael

Richard Lainhart