[AH]runin RS7000 into Expressionist into modulars - opinions/timing?

From Tomislav Babic
Sent Fri, Jan 9th 2009, 04:16

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hi guys. i have a cpl of shows coming up my way in spring. and so far  i
to use a DSX that a friend borrowed me for cv/gate sequencing. i dont need
live interaction w notes,
most is done by changing patterns and tweakage on the sound and fx end
(system100,100m and formant)

havent had a chance to try this system yet, but heard that, on its own, DSX
is supposed to have
pretty good , accurate timing.

however, since i also have RS7000, i started thingin perhaps i should make
my life simpler, dump the DSX,
get a nice cv/gate interface and just run a modern, flexible unit like
RS7000 into the modulars this way.

Experssionist seems like a good idea.. but how is the timing when used for
sequencing in this manner?
im not gonna have ridicolously thick midi data coming in. but still,
probably 3ch for pitch cv/gate sequences,
and perhaps one or two for some filter cutoff rows, or filter env decay

any downsides to using a modern midi seq like this via midi cv, instead of a
dedicated cv sequencer like DSX,
as limited as it is?

i do have obxa/obx for writing notes in the DSX..    also, im having a buddy
make two PolyDAC for me,
but im not sure if they will be ready in time. and how do they compare to
Expressionist in this regard.

only down side to Encore seems to be  - no clock output. :(    .. only din
sync. any workarrounds?

Tomislav Babic
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