[AH] Synth delivery B--ch List: GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

From Peter Grenader
Sent Thu, Aug 12th 2004, 19:00

Wait a minute...

If you're going to run a permanent database on complaints like this (which I
have to say I think is preposterous) you have GOT to include one for the
manufacturers to voice their sides of the story.

So now along with trying to run a one to two person company on a shoestring
budget which requires a large investment of cash as probably 75% of the
selling price is tied up in materials costs that  need to be purchased in
advance, now these guys have to worry about the mark of death on this list
when somebody has a bad hair day and decides to dump on them?  We're going
to empower people like this?

And this is going to make things better?

It's becoming very evident that some of us don't understand what's involved
in producing synthesizer modules.  These are cottage operations.  How much
so?  The largest modular synth manufacturer in existence today, Doepfer, has
6 employees.  THAT's how small these companies are.

If the manufacturer isn't communicating, that's one thing and I agree that's
a problem.  However, if the issue is it just takes too long, while I can
appreciate everyone's  personal feelings on this, if you want  immediate
satisfaction I suggest you stick with Doepfer and A. Systems, because these
are probably the only two in the world  with the capacity to build product
for finished goods on a regular basis as opposed  to completing customer
orders.  If those aren't acceptable choices, there's always Moogerfoogers.

However,  if you guys want the esoteric, then please be understanding and
with that,  prepared to wait as these are cottage operations (I know mine
certainly is) that probably put in  more time in a week than some do in a
month trying to fill  backlog.

I understand a person's frustration and accumulated anticipation in waiting
for something as fun as a new synth module.  But I have to say there is
nothing more demoralizing than devoting every waking hour of
almost every day to something just to get the cr@p kicked out of
you in a public forum as a result. - even in my tiny world of building
one-off sequencers and soon, working 70 hours a week currently to make it
happen:  VCOs.

There are four solutions to this problem that I can see:

1) The Manufacturer periodically stops accepting new orders
until backlog reaches what everyone would consider acceptable
limits  (in behalf of the manufacturers, please help pen their
letters to their mortgage banks, landlords and utility companies
so they may be excused from paying the debts during these

2)  The Manufacturer kills new orders by raising prices to the
point of absurdity (it worked for Rex)

3)  The manufacturer hire temporary labor during these periods to
reduce the backlog  (this would dictate the same net result as
no. 2 above)

4) The customer understands the industry, understand the work
involved and tries to remember these manufacturers are all
doing it for love, because the sure as _ _ _ _ ain't enough $$ in it
to live like most of their customers do!  Realize that when dealing
with  small, custom manufacturing operations things always
take longer than quoted, - whether you're purchasing a surf
board, an end table, a synthesizer module or a rabbit's foot!

If a customer can't accept these terms, no problem, but  please
exercise a little respect and deal with the manufacturer
personally and NOT IN A PUBLIC FORUM.  I'm sorry, but I find
that a little cowardly.

Let's remember why we're all here, shall we:  For the love of
electronic music.  Some build the tools, some buy the tools, but all of us
share the love - let's spread THAT around for a change!

respectfully submitted and willing to be quoted on this opinion,

Peter Grenader

Jay wrote:

> http://forum.wheresmysynth.com/
> on 8/12/04 8:42 AM, Jeff Karsin at redacted@example.com wrote:
>> That's great that you were quoted a fast delivery time.  I ordered modules
>> almost 2 years ago.  I did receive some, but am still waiting for like 4
>> more. . .  Cynthia, are you out there?
>> on 8/12/04 1:02 AM, Anthony Bisset at redacted@example.com wrote:
>>> I have friends who are now waiting 8 months for small orders of easy
>>> to build modules and larger things like miltons.  I bet
>>> they wish Cynthia had put some energy into getting their orders out and
>>> delayed your's by a few days.  I'll stop slagging her, when she stops
>>> slagging her customers.
>>> -a
>>> I've heard horror stories i've heard indicate all is not well at
>>> Cyndustries
>>> Inc.  I'd like to hear more good feedback like this.
>>> -a
>>> On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 _ah@alt-mode.com wrote:
>>>> So there have been complaints about the delivery time of some boutique
>>>> modular synth manufacturers.  Well, I just had an outstanding
>>>> experience that I think must be heralded.
>>>> I emailed Cynthia Webster on Saturday afternoon inquiring about the
>>>> delivery time of some modules and she responded that most of what I
>>>> wanted was already made or in process and that it would be sent in 1-2
>>>> weeks.  I sent in my order on Sunday with Paypal payment and received
>>>> a shipping notice from Cynthia saying that my modules had shipped by
>>>> 4AM Monday morning!  That is an amazing turnaround time!  So, not only
>>>> was my order filled fast, but on a weekend!  Wow!
>>>> Now, don't expect this kind of turnaround from Cynthia all the time
>>>> but it certainly surprised me!
>>>> Eric