Re: Doepfer- Go fer or no sir?

From Kent Williams
Sent Tue, Oct 14th 1997, 18:31

On 14 Oct 1997, Ross Goniakowski wrote:
> I'm about ready (ya know, like, today)to make a deposit for a basic system 1. Anybody regret purchasing the unit? Any quick last minute impressions you would like to share? Are the high end oscillators that much better? Are you sorry you don't have vc e
g's?  I wanted to check the archives one last time,  couldn't get in.
In addition to fat free roasted red pepper couscous, I was able to
spend some time with Mike Dvorkin's Dopfer modular.

My observations:

1. 1/8" jacks aren't a great idea. It wouldn't keep me from buying one,
but banana jacks are more electrically stable, and stacking banana jacks
make mults unnecessary.

2. Soundwise it's very nice.  The filters are good, if not world class.

3. There seem to be enough inputs on most modules that you don't miss
   mults very much.

I think in the final analysis it's more important to have a modular
to use, just to have that way of working available to you, than to have
the 'best' sounding one.  Good enough is good as a feast, which means
if anyone ask me, go doepfer, and buy serge after you make your first

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