Re: Moog or Doepfer? - RE: FAQ

From Johan Gustavsson
Sent Sun, Mar 23rd 1997, 02:34

> Couldn't we just be more specific in the 'join' message and point more
> people at the archives...
> It's pretty much all there

Might be true, but it's bloody difficult to find anything at all. At
the very least, the search motor ought to be bettered (or at least
better explained), since it gives weird results. Just as an examp+le,
when I was trying to find info on the Paia modulars some time ago, I
did an archive search on "Paia". Netted me loads of hits, of
course, amongst them some with the subject "Paia modular". "Good", I
thought, "I'll just search for 'Paia modular' then!". Well. that
didn't turn up any hits at all...Now, that's not normal.

Also (or perhaps linked to this), a newbie would not know what to
search for anyway. Reading a FAQ immediately gives a flavour of the
terminology and a certain focus to the proceedings, not to mention
that it usually answers a few questions one didn't know one had!
Besides, it helps the self-confidence of the newbie: Joining a mailing
list like this one can be an intimidating experience, since everyone
seems infinitely wise and speaks some arcane Language of the Synth
Gods, replete with esoteric names and numbers ("...the OB-Xa into the
1604, controlled by a DK-1 CV and gate driving a 2600 with replaced
CEMs and out caps..."). That is, if they join at a time when we're
*not* occupied with flaming each other for what gear we're using,
where we live or what music we do...:-)   Still, it helps to have
actually read the FAQ, and know that "This question I'm about to ask
is not in the FAQ, so presumably I'm not *completely* stupid". Then
again, some people never seem to bother...

Anyone who leapt at their keyboards to point out the factual errors in
my mock lingo sentence above may hereby call themselves "Anoraks of
the highest order".

So, in short, a FAQ would be a good idea. A suggestion (NO! I'm NOT
volunteering!): It might be useful to split this into a genuine FAQ
and a "Dictionary" where the more common TLAs, number combinations and
technical words were explained. Perhaps even a section with slightly
longer articles, explaining more general beginners' topics (I'm still
quite happy about my explanation of how a resonant LPF affects
sound...:->). Anyway, what was my point? Oh, yes, that the FAQ and the
archives serve different purposes.

Oh, I'm back from England, as you might have noticed (By now, I've sat
five and a half hour reading my e-mail! You sure are a busy lot out
there!). Unfortunately, I couldn't connect to those of you that
answered me, due to my uni's mail server f*cking up when I was about
to go, leaving me without your phone numbers :-( Oh, well, had a good
time anyway (World's End Distillery really is worthy of the praise).
'night all, soon
/Moxie (Now with a correctly spelled tagname)