[AH] Korg PS-3100 PS-3300 extender card (pre-order)

From Tony Clark
Sent Tue, Jun 3rd 2008, 03:04

   Hi everyone,

   I apologize in advance if this makes it through more than once.  I
think the mail server has been having trouble today...

   I'm in the process of making an extender card for the Korg PS-3x00
range of synths.  This will bolt directly in just like the standard boards
and allow the board being tested to be fully exposed.  There will also be
header pins for testing signals at the card edge connector or for anyone
that wants to make a breakout cable for development
   Although the original Korg boards were only single sided, these will be
fully double-sided, including the card edge connectors.  While not
necessary for troubleshooting the Korgs, I just feel it would have been a
waste to not take advantage of the space.  Plus again, might be usable for
development purposes.
   The boards will be soldermasked and screen printed and will come
complete and ready for use.  Price is going to be $100 with shipping to
the continental US, $110 to the rest of the world.

   Anyone interested should drop me a line this week to get in on the order.



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