Doepfer- Go fer or no sir?

From Chris Whitten
Sent Tue, Oct 14th 1997, 20:16

I'm worried about sounding like a salesman also!
There is no sound difference that I can detect between the normal and
high-end VCO's. You do get more tuning and control voltage capabilities
with the more expensive VCO. My advice would be to go normal and add
high-end later if you want to. =

I also can't praise the Doepfer enough. THE PRICE IS OUTSTANDING. Therefo=
it is hard to see how you can fail unless you are not destined to like
modular synthesis. There is no compromise in build or sound quality. As f=
other critiscms, if you want to spend a lot more money on a Serge or a
Polyfusion then do so. Other systems offer *different* things not always
better things. I have some Serge and Polyfusion but there will always be =
place for my A100. I'm going to have to get a third rack now they have
announced some new more esoteric modules.
CW  =