Re: [AH] Fatman case

From Legion
Sent Tue, Mar 14th 2000, 18:38

> >Also, keep in mind that the MIDI jacks are on the FRONT of the panel face.
> >I have cables coming up from an empty rack space below.
> Yup, I forgot about that. I guess the tabletop is what I'm getting. Kinda
> looks like a toy version of the FR777 :) Oooooh wood panels!

I bought an assembled Fatman from a listmember a few years ago and it
was built into an unfinished wooden case. I did a few modifications
(like installing the PS inside the case rather than a wall wart outside
and stained that sucher. it was one of the most beautiful looking synths
in my collection.

I'm still planning on rebuilding my Doepfer modular case to make it a
45o angle table top unit just like that there old Serge Moby plays.