Re: [AH] Clarification of Doepfer Vs Moog

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

>Most people use digital reverbs or effects devices these days, so you don't
>need a spring reverb module in your modular synth.  

My personal opinion is that they're nice when integrated in a synth 
(especially in the Putney, because you can get feedback from 
the speakers). It's nice to put your oscillator mix into one and then 
send it to the filter. 

>If you are total analog
>purist, then you can buy a used spring reverb.  I have a couple of Master 
>spring reverbs that sound pretty good, and if you chain them in series you 
>greatly extend their reverb times.

Some peole have put 17" reverb tanks in their 2600s. The Moog 5" unit 
sounds bad, but that's part of the character. The Buchla 212 has a good 
reverb built-in. 




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