Q Nord Modular

From Chris Whitten
Sent Mon, Oct 27th 1997, 11:41

Seems to be a tendency for everyone to rave about the DSP synths at the
moment. It's a shame that in a place called 'Analogue Heaven' people
complain about not having memory locations, vco's drifting, non midi synt=
and the general inconvenience of modular or pre 90's synths. =

It is also not true that modulars are expensive. What about Digisound (or=

Paul Schreibers re-issue) or Doepfer. You could have a pretty good A100
system (granted not as flexible or massive) for much less than a Nord
Modular and it's dedicated computer. =

What we love about analogue synths are their instant tweakability, their
querkyness, their ability to produce the unexpected and even their histor=
=2E Could you get all that with a computer based software system? =

I'm sure the Nord Modular will be great but doesn't anybody else think we=

should be championing some of the people who are still producing REAL
analogue kit like Doepfer and Serge.
This ain't 'DSP Heaven' or 'Computer Heaven' or even 'Sounds analogue but=

is really a little processor made in Taiwan Heaven'(see Novation and
CW =