Re: [AH] NAMM Buchla? Dieter, Don and Robert

From Malte Steiner
Sent Mon, Jan 24th 2005, 15:01

hm, I find this post rather offending. If I bail out 10,000 $ and hear 
nothing for weeks or months I would really be pissed, no matter if its 
Robert, Don or Yamaha. I guess if Doepfer would act like this they would 
get bashed into dirt on this list. And a tiny email saying 'sorry, we 
didnt estimate the work correct so it will delay' should be possible for 

And I wonder while Mark and his deputis hyperventilating because of the 
slightest signs of something offtopic doesn't act in this case of bad humor.

just my 2 cents,


Malte Steiner
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