Re: (idm) 'Loops of Fury' - Chemical Bros.

From Kent Williams
Sent Fri, Feb 9th 1996, 15:54

On Fri, 9 Feb 1996, Michael Upton wrote:

> I thought 'Chemical Beats' was about the weakest track on 'Exit Planet 
> Dust', and as far as I am concerned the remix here does little to change the 
> situation. What bugged me about it (and still does) was that it only has 
> one riff and basically never changes... Even on the dancefloor I reckon a 
> track almost always needs more than just changing beats to keep it enjoyable.
> (Polygon Window's 'Quoth' and Autechre's 'Flutter' being notable exceptions)
You're missing something then -- Chemical Beats has that 303-through-Marshall
Stack line that really gets to me, and the 'Huh' sounds, which remind
me of that old song 'Working In the Coal Mine.'  And if you find a riff
that's so insanely fucking great that it makes the planet rock on
it's axis, why not repeat it for 5 minutes?

To each his own of course, but this track always struck me as the perfect
distallation of stupid fun.  Kind of like the track Beavis and Butthead
would make, except they're too illiterate to make sense out of an Akai
sampler manual.

Add to your list of one-trick wonders 'Spastik' by Plastikman. Play it
for a classical percussionist sometime if you want to see someone become
physically ill.

Personally, I love nothing more than to jam out to a greasy groove. --
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