Re: [AH] Patches to Patches

From Kenneth Balys
Sent Tue, Jun 10th 2014, 22:34

Well at least we know that Bowie and Eno can get one.

I have been sending EMS periodic emails and making calls since the 
1990's to get on their "list" without ever once having a response.

In the end I just decided to give my money to companies like Moog, 
Studio Electronics, Access Electronics, Doepfer, etc. who actually 
answer their telephone.

At least an answer email saying, 'sorry we do not sell gear to the likes 
of you' from EMS would have been appreciated.

On 10.06.14 6:56 PM, skkatter wrote:
> I went the David Bowie exhibition in Berlin on Saturday
> ( and I enjoyed it as I'm a fan of
> his.
> The best unexpected surprise bit was that they have on display there
> an EMS Synthi AKS that was given to him by Brian Eno with a cute
> little note saying something along the lines of "keep patching this
> interesting synth as despite its age it can still produce the most
> unexpected strange sounds" (my memory is terrible so I probably got
> the quote all wrong, no photography was allowed). The plaque also
> mentioned that Eno bought it circa 1974 and gave it to Bowie in 1995
> or so.
> They were selling various David Bowie related postcards in the gift
> shop and one of them was a picture of said Synthi (although definitely
> patched differently) which I bought and scanned in for yis (sic):
> -Stephen