Re: [AH] ARP 2600 vs modular?

From Mati
Sent Fri, Dec 5th 2008, 19:39

I had a pretty big Doepfer/Plan B/Asys system that I put together, it =20=

was really flexible and fun to put together, but at the end of the =20
day, it did not stand up at all to the sound of my 2600. Not even =20
close. So I sold the Doepfer to pay off the 2600, and have not looked =20=

back at all. The only euro rack modules I would consider at this point =20=

are the Asys modules. I found them to be be really nice, and I LOVE =20
the EMS filter Asys did.


On Dec 5, 2008, at 12:32 PM, crk wrote:

> Hi Matt,
> It=B4s a matter of taste imo and not really to compare - a modern =20
> modular offers more possibilities than
> a Arp2600 or VCS but on the other hand only a VCS sounds like a =20
> VCS....same goes for the ARP etc.
> Both worlds, the old and the new, have a lot to offer...
> (i know this won=B4t make a decision easier ;-)
> best,
> Ch.
> Matt schrieb:
>> The third & last of my current set of naive questions: apart from
>> nostalgic cache, what has an ARP 2600 got that a good modern eurorack
>> modular has not? It looks to me like it's possible to buy such a wide
>> range of different filters, oscillators etc that it must be possible
>> to produce ARP 2600 type sounds from a modern modular (along with =20
>> Korg
>> MS-20, EDP Wasp, Moog, etc etc). [All this alliteration is reminding
>> me of "I am the very model of a modern major general"]
>> Since I was a kid I've dreamed of owning an ARP 2600 but, at GBP =20
>> 4000,
>> it's just never going to happen (along with the VCS3) when half that
>> amount buys a very good second-hand modular.
>> Matt