RE: [AH] din sync mod?

From Goins, Mike \(MLCC - FL\)
Sent Mon, Jan 11th 1999, 15:31

Yep, it'll work without loss.   I use a Doepfer MAUSI and split the sync out
4 times without problems.   I even built a sync splitter box, 1 sync in, 4
sync out.   If memory serves me right, I think may be problems with more
than four devices.

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> Subject:	[AH] din sync mod?
> i have a phillip rees (mds) triggering my 303 and was wondering if i cut a
> din
> cable directly in 1/2  can i make a "Y" by connecting all inside wires to
> another din cable (end cut off) to essentially trigger my 606  and my 303
> at
> the same time and on the same din port..?             will that lessen the
> voltage by splitting it?
>                                      will one machine start sooner or
> later
> than another?