my digital 2 cents

From trait
Sent Sun, Nov 19th 1995, 22:36

I'm sure you all don't give much of a f*ck about my opinion, but here's why
I think some of the "good" people have left, and maybe why you should

* Commercialization of the internet. AOL used to not be so "bothersome"
(and I do own an AOL acct myself), there weren't as many users, and there
weren't WWW page ads on every other prime-time commercial on TV. There's a
lot more people on here now, which is both good and bad.. but with Analogue
Heaven, there was more of a cozier feel to the list when I was doing it by
hand. When the list got to hard to handle (and I am somewhat responsible
for that, with getting the list address published in magazines like Blaster
and Future Music, as well as the New Riders Internet Yellow Pages of 1994)
I have to both push and pull the response to the list. I still get request
to the old address at OSU.EDU.. but they aren't as big as the addresses
subscribed via MajorDomo. To be honest.. if I wasn't the founder of the
list I probably wouldn't be on it with the amount of traffic.. I'd start
something different, but not. I can see why people _leave_ the list (I
almost said "get off"; Freudian slip ;] ) since the sifting through
everything can be a drag. But hey, if you throw enough mud at the wall,
some of it's gonna stick and that's why a lot of us are here. Sure, x0x
stuff can be boring after a while (but I don't complain because I'm guilty
of owning a good amount of it...) but I get lost when different Curtis
chips are discussed. Do I tell you, "Don't put anything over my head?"
No... nor should anyone say what we should and should not say. Unless
something here is some kind of federally incriminating info, there's no
reason to censor the content of the list..

[BTW: some of you are still posting to AH via the analogue@magnus...
remember.. it's -- check your aliases..]

* The vintage / analogue resurgance in the music industry. Yes, the whole
world is dusting off their old gear to battle the sterile digital
environments created by the big manufacturers.. And all I can say is "YAY!"
since it proves the fact that everything moves in cycles. With Moog Music,
Oberheim, Marion, Doepfer, Kenton, Encore, Serge, Novation, Studio
Electronics, and Waldorf all producing analogue-friendly gear, it's
beginning to look like 1975 where analogue ruled the stage. (now if
Sequential and Arp could come back... we'd be set.) 5 years ago we were all
shit out of luck, with nowhere really to turn to for analogue gear.. and it
doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. I feel that it is
important for a list like AH to exist, to interpret the new technology and
recall the old.. to keep the flow of information alive for what we all
love. If you need help on this.. go check out the Music Machines WWW page,
gloriously put together by Mike Perkowitz and a cast of thousands.. Like I
said before.. if you throw enough mud at the wall...

* They needed a break. Hell, I took a break from my own list for a while by
getting on the digest for a while. I couldn't keep up with all the threads.
I needed to get some work done. A lot of those who I think are influential
came back though--DAC Crowell, taylor808, Mike Metlay, etc.. now if we
could just get back Ricard Wolf and Peter Cassidy from Scotland, we'd be
set.. There's been a lot more additions like Kent Williams and Matt Haines,
who have filled the niche for being a good source of friendliness and
knowledge. If you need to speak to someone, telnet to 7283,
channels 78 or 79.. there's usually someone willing to speak with you...
but otherwise, AH is a good forum for discussion and rightly so.

I hope this doesn't seem like mindless drivel, but rather food for
thought.. and a step in a more positive direction by changing your
perception. Change is the only thing that is constant.. and the AH from
February of 1992 is long gone. You can take it or leave it...


Todd Sines
.xtrak - Enhanced - neriq - Zinc Studios