Jupiter-8, Unison versus Poly and synchronous LFO

From mikekent
Sent Wed, May 29th 1996, 01:25

>Why does the Jupiter-8's LFO lights flash syncronised when in POLY modes??
>I use the Unison mostly, and i get a wonderful stereo picture out of it!
>It's also wery fun to view the LFO lights in UNISON mode >:)

The Unison mode stacks voices for a thicker sound. This thicker sound
relies on the random inaccuracies inherent in analog synths. This
inaccuracy is most often evident in tuning. When the oscillators are out of
tune with each other you get a thicker sound. In unison mode of the
Jupiter-8 the 2 low frequency oscillators are also slightly out of tune (or
out of sync, same thing) with each other, which can be used to create some
some interesting sounds.

In the poly mode it was decided that having the 2 lfo out of sync was not
as desirable. In poly mode all voices are effected exactly the same from
the LFO Having all LFO in sync is useful for some sounds. For example: all
notes have the same filter sweep. Actually, there was on early software
update to improve this syncronization. You could argue this point but I
think if you only have one choice Roland made the right one..

So you have several choices depending on keyboard mode (whole/dual/split).
For an effect part way between Poly Mode and Unison mode: Use Poly Mode
with Dual Keyboard Mode, using same patch for both the upper and lower,
you'll get unsyncronized LFO without going to full unison mode.

>I believe my Jupiter-8 is "Jupiter-8a" But if it is "Jp8a" shouldn't that be
>written on the front panel ??

No, Roland decided after the SH-3/SH-3a that in general they would not
change the model number on the front of the unit. Other similar cases is
the JC-120 which has gone through several changes (now at "D"?) but the
features are mostly the same as the original.

>Maby i'm wrong, But i can choose my split point and it is a 10cm wide and 1cm
>high hole on the lower back side (allmost middle, Just under RO for Roland)
>I believe that is the DCB port?

Yes, that is where the DCB connector would be located if it has been
installed in your unit..


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