Doepfer Modular - foundation for AH synth?

From Chris Meyer
Sent Sat, Apr 22nd 1995, 19:24

>>       These prices are amazing!  I am curious about the qulaity.  The
>> modules appear very flexible and nothing is pre-patched except for power.

>PS: And they already spoke of releasing the "intersting" models later.
>In summer they hope to be able to offer also lin or exp. ADRS,
>I think they also talked about a different VFC module, and several others.

Since these prices are so good, would it make sense to base AH modules on
the same frame, front panel, power supply connections, etc.? This way a
user could start with an affordable, ready-to-run "basic" system and then
add AH modules as their fancy and time permitted. Can someone contact
Doepfer to see if they would be interested in selling blank front panels,
matching knobs, etc. and to release their technical specs for CVs, gates,
power etc.?

 - CM

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