Re: Doepfer A-100

From Cord Mueller
Sent Tue, Nov 14th 1995, 17:46

>> Generally speaken it's nice to produce either basslines or effects. It's
>> very hard to come up with a nice sound. A lot of produced sound are just
>> crap and nerv killing.

To speak it out loud, depending on the amount of features it will be more
and more difficult to come with a "nice" sound. The first week I tweaked my
M12 I couldn't get any decent sounds out of this beast. I FM the filters,
cranked up the resonance and played with the filter modi. I wondered why in
hell people don't use more modroutings. Now I know better!!! :-))) Sometimes
less is better. It is all a matter of how using stuff. BTW, my ProOne I
never came with a nice sound, much to weird what you can do with this FM
stuff, specially if you modify the Polymodulation!!!!

I guess that synths, you get nice sounds of at the beginning, will be boring
at the end!