From ndkent
Sent Fri, Jan 7th 2005, 19:32

> At 04:55 PM 1/4/2005, Trip Lizard wrote:
>> If anybody knows or talks to Malcom Cecil, please ask him to 
>> re-release
>> any/all of the Tonto's Expanding Head Band material on C.D., since 
>> used
>> copies of "Tonto Rides Again" now go for $155 (!!!) on Amazon, and up 
>> to
>> that much or more on Ebay.
>> I have an L.P. of the first album -- absolutely brilliant. I'd love 
>> to get
>> it on C.D.
> That assumes that Malcolm still owns the rights to the recordings, 
> instead of
> some record company or manager.
> Why not just make a CD-R from the vinyl?

Well the CD was released . It's both albums with I think one track 
missing and perhaps some slight editing. Mind you the second TONTO 
album is more rare - not $155 rare, but rare enough that even getting 
the vinyl isn't that much more a snap than hunting for the CD in used 

Amazon people (like ebay-ers) put whatever they feel  like on the  CD 
and see if it sells. Generally if there is some action you'll see more 
people try to sell them and the price will be more reflective of the 
market value - though of course who knows, look at what Devarhi 
"Complete Guide to Synthesizers" and Roland 100M Synthesizer Guide 
Books routinely sell for.

Okay - here is what I understand. Mind you I want to make it clear that 
it's not the current official word, it's what I heard about 4 years 

The CD that was out there was good, at least in it's day but there was 
an unforeseen legal issue with the labeling that came up and that has 
since been dealt with but that's the reason why the CD isn't out any 
more. The issue I guess did not lead to an immediate re-issue

Malcolm told me that he and Robert Margouleff own the rights to the 
recordings and I got the impression they were waiting until they got a 
decent deal from a legit label, you know, one that actually pays the 

Now secondarily - and I think what is on everyone's mind that a reissue 
in 5.1 surround of some sort was what they would be after.