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From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Wed, Feb 4th 1998, 17:41

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Mark Pulver replied:

"Dude... I have a good sized FAQ and babble going on my web site. The URL =
is in my sig.

One of the things I have up are pics of all the modules. The page takes a
while to load, but I think it'll help show you what's available in this =

He also said something about this being the synth we all really want.
I've been following this thread and after seeing all the modules, yes, I =
want one. 

There have been complaints about lack of Mac compatibility. Well,I use
a  Centris 650  and have a Mac II sitting in my closet. I'd end up having =
to buy another Mac anyway. Maybe I should just take the PC plunge. The =
of the Nord Modular and A PC would come out to about $3000. I recently
purchased a Doepfer and the cost with another case and more mods
would be about the same. But remember the Nord gives you patch storage
and true portable mobility. 

I wonder how much I have left on my credit card....