Re: [AH] analogue sequencing

From Aaron Gum
Sent Thu, Jan 20th 2005, 15:32

warning - this can be a lot of fun and addictive

the frostwave fat controller works well for this, you
can set in it in your lap and tweak faders all day

16 step sequence for the filter, or 8 steps on pitch
and filter... or any of the other inputs

the doepfer maq 16/3 is good for tightly controlled
sequences  3 rows of 16 steps to control 3 inputs on
the voyager (for example: pitch, vcf, pan)

the sequential controller has some
nice features and would let you step the sequencer off
the voyagers keyboard (with the vx-351)

if you want control by midi you need a good midi/cv
device.  the doepfer mcv24 could control just about
everything on the voyager at the same time once you
figure out the interface

--- Morgan <> wrote:

> I heard about plugging the CV of a sequencer into my
> voyager's filter input or one of the various other
> inputs... and imagined what a wild sound would come
> out of that.
> Do I need an old analog sequencer for this or will a
> midi sequencer do the same thing, does midi have an
> output that will fit in my 1/4" CV Filter input?
> What would be the absolute cheapest sequencer to try
> this out on? One I can just resell on ebay if I
> don't get into it?
> What else Can I do with all these inputs??? What do
> people usually plug into their pitch, mod, gate,
> release, etc...
> Still green as hell but learning...
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