Re: [AH] Opposite of a mixer

From James Husted
Sent Sun, Jul 13th 2008, 22:26

What you are looking for is refered to as a Distribution Amp  
(sometimes just called a DA)- typically it has only one input and many  
outs. Iy is used to distribute a source to many destinations without  
it being loaded down and thusly changed. The Doepfer buss access  
module does this. One source CV in buffered and sent to many module on  
the buss. A google search for Distribution Amp will give you a few  
hits I'm sure. Theses are used a lot in the Radio world sending the  
same signal to many transmitters etc.


On Jul 13, 2008, at 1:09 PM, Ross T. Mann wrote:

> If a mixer is multiple inputs to a couple outputs, what's a couple  
> of inputs
> to multiple outputs?  MIDI has thru boxes for this task, I'm just  
> curious
> why there doesn't seem to be an audio equivalent. Are multiple  
> panels on a
> modular or cascading Y-cords my only option?