[AH] VCO fun - sound sample

From Peter Grenader
Sent Sat, Jan 24th 2004, 21:11

Doing a little bit more work on my triangle core VCO, I've tripped upon two
interesting attributes that cannot be manifested on any other VCO I
currently own (those being Blacet, Steiner-Parker and Analogue Systems).
Not saying it can't be done, just not on the flavors of VCOs I currently

Anyway, the results are quite dramatic and I thought I'd pass them along to

The following is an mp3 file of this basic patch:

This sample is in two parts. On both I've got a Doepfer 149-1 controlling
the freq and we're coming out of the sine out.  I've routed the pulse/square
output of the same VCO into the second  freq VC input. The result sounds
mighty close to that of a Serge waveshaper.

It's the same patch in the second part, but I've now added one more wire,
connecting a second VCO tuned at about 2K into the VCO's PWM input.  There
is no filter used in this patch, but ya wouldn't know it.

have a listen, it's pretty interesting: