Module patching (was: Doepfer vs. MAM vocoder...)

From Adrian Corston
Sent Tue, Aug 11th 1998, 01:58

Paul Perry types:
>>Well, IMSBO (slightly biased opinion (;->) ), the problem with the doepfer
>>is that you *have* to patch it together. Do you really want to *always* do
>>this ?
>>Maximum flexibillity is *one* design goal, but ergonomics is a not less
>>important one. 
>well this looks like an argument for a normalised vocoder analysis/synthesis
>patchbay :)

Ha! This is very relevant to me right now - I just started building a
modular synth, and I need to decide (very soon :) whether to mount the
1/4" sockets on the front panels, or just run cables out the back with
jacks which are plugged into the back of a patchbay.

The advantage of the latter approach is I can patch the back of the
patchbay in such a way that there is "default" patching when there are
no patch leads in the front of the patchbay. The disadvantage is that
this will most likely ruin the functional grouping of module I/Os.

Has anyone tried using a patch rack as the I/O section of a custom synth?
Was is more or less convenient than using sockets on each 19" module?


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