Re: [AH] is the EoWave company still around?

From Earthling!
Sent Fri, Dec 17th 2004, 00:30

Le 16 d=E9c. 2004, =E0 23:00, J P a =E9crit :

> I'd prefer one of their persephone's to a doepfer ribbon controller,=20=

> for aesthetic, as well as moral, reasons.

Ask and you'll be answered!
The sites seem to be down but I can assure you eowave is up and running=20=


from memory: or
If the site is down, maybe the mail is too, if it doesn't work, I'll=20
shake the coconut grove for you. I'll call tomorrow about the websites,=20=

it was working ok a week ago. :-/

There's a master class of Theremin by Lydia Kavina in their premices=20
tomorrow so the place exists still :D

Denis =3DG)
does some graphic design in that area ;)