Re: [AH] Modern Analog Step Sequencers?

From F.A.S. Truhan III
Sent Thu, May 4th 2006, 20:45

> Thanks for the tips everybody, I think I'm on the right track with these 
> products.
> Before I jump into downloading and reading pdf manuals, can Sequentix P3 
> also control analog synths like a Korg MS-20? It doesn't mention
> about control voltage, only MIDI. If not, the Doepfer might be a better 
> choice for me. I mainly want to step sequencer my analog synths and sync 
> with my software sequencer. I want to achieve a little more synced 
> modulation than I can with my Kenton Pro-Solo...

	Personally, if I were in the market for such a device (which I will be in
a year or two tops) I'd get one of Peter Grenadier's Milton Sequencers: If one of the models of that thing
can't do what you want, it can't be done.
	Grrr...I have too many daydreams as it is about building a modular out of
Plan B, Blacet, and Doepfer gear that I certainly don't need threads like
this to remind me. I guess that means I should unsub from the list, throw
my computer in the garbage and digs my eyes out with a spork.

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