Re: [AH] Best Modular Company?

From Legion
Sent Mon, Mar 27th 2000, 02:52

> > In your opinion, which of the major modular synth companies (Doepfer,
> > Analogue Systems UK, Technosaurus, Wiard, MOTM) is the best in terms of
> > value, build quality, sound quality, and customer support?
> > I'm leaning toward Doepfer because of the sheer number of modules available.

The problem with this question is it's so subjective. but you already know that so

> well first i had a doepfer which didnt make me satisfied soundwise....
> i found it quite boring.So i wont buy it if you havent got any other cool
> modulargear,maybe as an add on,

I disagree on this. I think Doepfer is one of the best companies to START with. Not
as an add on (although I think they're good for that too) , but as a start. They are
inexpensive, offer the widest range of modules of any current dealer, are readily
available via a wide international distribution network and reasonable manufacturing
process, and are also quite interesting in their own right. Doepfer is not a
boutique of limited one man shop (not that there is anything wrong with those but
it's a lot easier to start with a company that can delivery a lot fast and cheap and
has a support system in place to replace items instantly.

As has been said they also allow you to mix and match with a number of other
companies (that's no accident BTW, Doepfer was first and many companies built their
products to piggy back on the Doepfer layout and system specs so they could compete
and fit in better). As for being bored with doepfer modules there are vanilla
modules and there are advanced modules. Personally i don't mind spending $50 and
getting a simple 4X1 mixer that works perfectly for my need and I don't really care
about the simplicity of the basic VCO, VCA, ADSRs. But if you add in things like the
frequency shifter, the VC Phaser, the A112 sampler/wavetable or all those weirdass
filters and trigger modules I can't see  getting bored at all either in the
beginning of a collection or down the road as a studio grows. The stock A100 systems
are not so exciting certainly but look at the additional modules and there's a lot
going on and again it's going on inexpensively and it's easy to buy.

The doepfer also seamlessly integrates with classic stuff like the Arp 2600 or
Roland System 100/100m stuff and the various accessories (arp sequencer, etc) made
but those companies. Add Blacet and Wiard in there as well and you have access to
some of the strangest and coolest stuff out there. With a small 1/4" adapter or
some radio shack cables it can easily integrate with MOTM, Korg or that Moog crap as
well. I'll take buying a simple $40 Doepfer VCA to do a VCA's job over any other
system and as a space saver the A100 can't be beat by any company.

People constantly praise Serge as the monolith of great modulars. While I wouldn't
turn one down I'd argue  Serge is hardly a starter system for anyone. They are
expensive, hard as fuck to order or get used, and outrageously expensive to repair
or change if you need to send them back. I'd recommend a simple and fun (and
interesting!) Doepfer system over a Serge ANY day. That shows you where I'm coming
from so take that as you will.

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