Re: [AH] back again. questions about Arp 2600 vs. die neue modulars...

From vietgrove
Sent Fri, Jan 5th 2007, 18:30

On 1/4/07, Horton <> wrote:
> But if all you want is a weird sound fartbox, I'd check out the
> Doepfer stuff with their multitude of trautonium filters and universal
> chaos generators and all that stuff.
> ah

A bizarre assertion to make, I think.

Anyway, I'd probably keep the 2600 and add a rack of Blacet modules to
it - IIRC the 2600's envelopes put out 10v?  Blacet's envelope does as
well and has a great spec.  Also they do the frac-rack version of the
old Wiard mini-wave, which covers the waveshaping bit.  Encore
Electronics do a frac-format frequency shifter: