[AH] Triggering Doepfer A-150 VC Switch

From Zoran Bosnjak
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 2004, 16:52


I have a simple 4 note sequence, and I would like three notes to go through 
the first output on A-150, and fourth note on the second output on A-150.  I 
am deploying A-161 sequencer in the patch. To force A-150 to switch from the 
first output to the second one (3.6 Volts needed), could I connect step 4 on 
A-161 sequencer to A-150 CV input, or should I patch step 4 into an envelope 
first, and than send the envelope (A=0, short decay as needed, S=10, R=0) 
into A-150 CV Input?

Obviously I could try this without asking the question, but I would rather 
consult AH, because I might be missing something obvious.



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