[AH] Doepfer Opinions

From David Holt
Sent Thu, Feb 7th 2008, 15:25

So, I'm going to purchase a little starter system to play nice with the Octave Cat.  I've really been thinking that I would go Frac and build around Blacet and MOTM pieces with who knows what to follow.  However, after having done a little price research, it seems like you can get an awful lot of system for a lower price by going with Doepfer.  I don't hear people talk much about them and I'm wondering what some of the opinions are.  A lot of their modules seem to do one thing only, but in a lot of cases, that thing is something that's hard to find from anyone else.  And the modules are cheap.  The biggest downside, before hearing opinions, seems to be that the damn Euroracks are so outrageous.  The biggest plus side seems to be the number of modules available (Doepfer, AS, Cjweman, et al).  What do you guys think?