RE: [AH] Incomplete MC8 - need spares?

From David Bivins
Sent Tue, Apr 20th 1999, 14:36

Just for the record: I had spoken with Dr. Sound, and Takeshi there told me
that the company that  made the connectors and/or cables for Roland
originally still made that configuration. He was afraid that it would be
very expensive. When an employee ventured the guess "65-70 dollars?" Takeshi
laughed. He will also try to make the cable if necessary, but of course that
would also be expensive.

Dr. Sound still has quite a few MC-4 (new old stock) and probably has at
least one or two MC-8s. They marked them at $400 and $800 respectively. They
don't sell, for probably obvious reasons. Surprise, surprise, they also seem
to be unable to move their NOS System 100m synths--gosh, could it have
anything to do with the astounding prices they want?

I rip on them a lot, but I really like the people at Dr. Sound. They are
*extremely* helpful almost all of the time.


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> > > Hey all,
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> > > I'm not sure which concentric circle of hell this is, but I
> bought an MC8
> > > (Roland MC8 Microcomposer, early digital CV sequencer,
> forerunner of MC4)
> > >
> > > Does anyone on this list actually *use* an MC8? Maybe that's the first
> > > question ;)
> >
> > FYI: Tomita used the MC8 extensively on the album "Bermuda
> Triangle" to do
> > amazing things with his Moog Modulars.
> >
> Actually Tomita's assistant at the time, Hideki Matsutake (Logic System)
> was apparently the real MC-8 guru, though Tomita clearly showed his
> sequencing skills from the start. Matsutake went on to sequence for the
> early and mid period YMO albums and had a solo career and band Logic
> System which used it extensively in the 80s.
> Logic System is still around (and a rare case of someone electronically
> distributing commercialy), --but he switched to Mac by the 1990s.
> Tomita used a Mac also on his most recent all synth album ('96), if not
> earlier (the 80s seemed Synclavier and Fairlight sequencer based for him)
is my site on Japanese synth albums

I also understand that Hans Zimmer got his start because he had an MC-8
in the UK and could operate it, a unique skill in those days.

As for repair/parts, did you try Dr. Sound? (NYC, 212-334-5478, can't
find their email) Don't know exactly what they have, but they've had a
number of used ones and once had plenty of new old MC-4 stock until
fairly recently. Not good prices but they definitely know and repair
Roland gear.