Re: [AH] Filter Audio Inputs

From Jim .
Sent Mon, Jan 12th 2004, 03:23

An audio input into the filter on a MC-202 has the added bonus of being able 
to control the filter with the sequencer.  You can try the detailed approach 
or just punch in some random stuff and throw in a few filter accents.  On 
the other hand, the SH-101 has sample and hold.

Has anyone tried feeding modular VCOs into a modified filter input like 
this?  Is the signal too hot, would you need some attenuation?  I've always 
wanted to try this, but I'm worried I might fry something.

>From: "Zoran Bosnjak" <>
>Subject: Re: [AH] FS Analog for sale
>Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 21:15:09 -0500
>Filter Input? Do you mean external audio feed into the filter, or CV cutoff 
>control of the filter?
>While CV cuttof filter feature would be great, external feed is phenomenal. 
>I have SH-101 that is modded like that, and IC3109 sounds sooo good. I 
>patch 3340s from Doepfer that are cross- modded into SH-101, and this 
>combination sounds excellent.

>>From: "/0" <>
>>best sequencer ever? lol
>>while its sequencer was nice for the time, it is definately not in my top 
>>sequencers...  a couple little known things about the 202 (although most
>>AHers will know) is that the 202 has the ability to sequence an external
>>synth on a second sequencer channel, it has TWO accent modes, and has a 
>>input mode which basically records whatever you press in  (including gate
>>and step  times )
>>one great great thing that you potential buyers should be considering is 
>>ease of adding an input into the mc-202 filter.   when I had my 202 I did
>>this and it took about 20 minutes and made the 202 twice as useful.
>>I really loved my 202... if someone found a bunch new in box somewhere, 
>>be half tempted to pick another one up just to goof off with

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