Re: [AH] Item at HC

From umair haque
Sent Tue, Feb 1st 2000, 05:24

>Yeah, glad you brought him up...I was gonna post about that.  So...  WHO
>IS THIS GUY, ANYWAY??  I mean, if you read further on down the HC

i bought a nord mod rack from him, in perfect shape, at a *great* price, and 
when he forgot to ship me the rack ears, he overnighted them to me though i 
assured him i he didn't have to go to the trouble. keith is one of the most 
pleasant people i have dealt with on the net.

>Classifieds, you find that in addition to the aforementioned $18,000
>Roland modular system from hell, he's also selling on the same day:
>a $3000 Oberheim Matrix-12...
>a $2900 Steiner-Parker modular...
>a $2500 Yamaha DX1 which he claims belonged to Herbie Hancock...
>a $1700 Yamaha CP80 electric piano...
>a $1200 ARP-Rhodes Chroma...
>and a $2000 SCI Prophet-10 (with anvil case)...
>Uhhmm...yeah.  Okay.  Got some fries with that?
>Gee, while most of us are sort of used to the idea that 99% of the time
>we're doomed to a life of sifting through ads for dented old beat up
>MKS-7's and CZ101's, that must only apply to people from Earth.  This
>guy sure isn't from Earth.  He comes from that planet out in the Groove
>Galaxy where Steiner-Parker Synthacons and Elka Synthexes can be picked
>up at K-mart for a couple of bucks in the same aisle where they have
>those cassette albums of The Very Best of Uriah Heep.  I mean, excuse me
>if I'm raving, but...doesn't he ever sell anything that isn't rare as
>hell?  I mean, like, an ESQ-1...even once in awhile?  And he does this
>all the time on there!  I'd probably cry if I even had to let go *one*
>of the things on his little for sale lists...
>Anyone have any background info on him?  He for real??  If he is, heck,
>I don't think I'll have to worry about locating ultra-rare gear ever
>again.  I'll just ask him to pick me up the original E-mu Audity
>prototype and a Korg PS3300 at K-mart and I'll be set, yes sir... :)
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