Re: [AH] photos of throbbing gristle's reunion show

From Mati
Sent Sun, Dec 12th 2004, 20:21

i agree completely with most of this. when i do live performances, i 
have my powerbook, my S1, Monomachine, my analog desk, and a wealth of 
outboard. even TG looked like they had a few pieces of hardware, I just 
fail to see why it is shocking that they had a few powerbooks and a 
nord rather than a giant 100m and some tape loop machines like i think 
some people here wanted them to have.

The Boombox United

On Dec 11, 2004, at 4:27 PM, LarryK wrote:

> This is a double edged argument.  On ONE hand...i see the convenience 
> of using laptops and minimal hardware for live shows.  Set up time 
> reduced exponentially for one.
> But, by your argument, i guess i should toss out all my hardware and 
> use a laptop only for live pas, and throw away all my old school vinyl 
> records for CDs...since records ARE old hat by now, eh?  I'm sorry, 
> but an ALL laptop performance is about as exciting as watching a DJ 
> mix with CDs...YAWWWWNNNNN..
> Laptops can play a huge part in a performance...BUT, i think it's 
> almost nessesary to augment it with actual hardware.  Even if it's 
> just a couple MIDI controllers and an MPC.  This is how a friend from 
> Mpls does his PAs...and it's mighty nice to see!!  Where as someone 
> sitting/standing with mouse in hand is just horribly boring.  I don't 
> care WHAT music is coming out..the whole purpose of a live 
> perfourmance is so the audience and performer have a chance to 
> interact with eachother.  They might as well bring some CDs, hit play 
> and grab some dinner.
> The T.G. show looked fun, i wish i could have seen them=o[
> -Larry
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>> IMHO - TG were totally cutting edge back in the 70's. They had the 
>> latest greatest modular gear and effects. It is now 2004, why on 
>> earth would they use the same gear they did in the 70's?
>> Of coarse they have laptops, cutting edge is not piles of analog 
>> modular gear - that would be considered retro for TG. I am surprised 
>> they even had the nord or the Alesis effects box to be honest.
>> Laptops are a reality - it is well past time to deal with it and not 
>> be surprised that people who used modulars 30 years ago are ditching 
>> them for powerbooks.
>> Kraftwerk, TG, etc....etc....etc
>> -------------------------------------
>> Matt
>> The Boombox United
>> On Dec 11, 2004, at 8:39 AM, Rude 66 wrote:
>>> well, sometimes in this day and age laptops are a necessity. i love 
>>> playing
>>> all my analogue crap live, but if i do foreign shows where we have 
>>> to fly
>>> and stuff, i can't bring all my stuff with me, or it'd be a major 
>>> hassle.
>>> not to speak of things like working permits etc if you bring crates 
>>> of gear
>>> for touring into a country. so yes, i can see bands touring foreign
>>> countries using the convenience of something portable like a laptop..
>>> r./
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>>>> Close-mindedness?  I run many softs on my Mac by the way.  I love 
>>>> some of
>>>> them.  I love my analog hardware and digital hardware too.  Yeah it 
>>>> is
>>>> really exciting to see a band sitting at tables (not even cool 
>>>> looking
>>>> stands mind you) playing on their computers.  Mix it up and play 
>>>> some
>>> synths
>>>> along side the stuff on laptops and that would have been cooler.  
>>>> This set
>>>> looked very boring to me....that was all I was trying to say. I did 
>>>> ask if
>>>> anyone had actually seen them for a better report since pictures 
>>>> don't say
>>>> it all.  Perhaps I should have been more exact in my statement.  
>>>> Thanks
>>> for
>>>> the personal attack by the way Michael.  Very sorry I hurt your 
>>>> feelings
>>> by
>>>> attacking one of your fav bands.  I own a few TG CD's and found 
>>>> them quite
>>>> enjoyable.  I always liked to see Pigface perform live w/ 
>>>> Genesis...never
>>>> saw him play anywhere else.....this did not look like too much fun 
>>>> to me.
>>>> But hey I was not there.  I am far from being close-minded and do 
>>>> not
>>>> appreciate the label.
>>>> Kurt Stengel
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>>>>> From: Michael Greenwood <>
>>>>> Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 09:47:27 -0500
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>>>>> Subject: Re: [AH] photos of throbbing gristle's reunion show
>>>>> Yes.  I was in a computer shop once, with a friend, and while I was
>>>>> planting bombs to bring about the end of all music created with 
>>>>> software
>>>>> and force people to use ONLY analogue instruments in their most 
>>>>> private
>>>>> moments of creativity, I saw a couple of laptops here and there 
>>>>> with
>>>>> price tags on 'em and whatnot.
>>>>> On a side note, has anybody seen Throbbing Gristle?  It's nice to 
>>>>> see
>>>>> that one of the planet's most interesting and original bands are 
>>>>> still
>>>>> refusing to pay attention to purist nonsense like the poster of 
>>>>> this
>>>>> previous message and think for themselves, as always.  Close
>>>>> mindedness=death.  We apologize for any innovation outside the 
>>>>> analogue
>>>>> realm.
>>>>> rock on,
>>>>> Michael
>>>>> Kurt Stengel wrote:
>>>>>> Fucking Laptops.......Anyone seen them?
>>>>>> Kurt Stengel
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>>>>>>> From: Blake Wilson <>
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>>>>>>> Subject: [AH] photos of throbbing gristle's reunion show
>>>>>>> spot the analogue:
>>>>>>> haha! none! unless you count the cornet and the viola.....
>>>>>>> blake
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>>>>>>> blake wilson
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>>>>>>> f***ed-up by chance alone."
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