Re: Q: Modulars

From Mark Pulver
Sent Tue, Aug 18th 1998, 19:15

J. Belton McClure (10:11 AM 8/18/98) wrote:

>I'm wondering if it's possible to mix modulars.  Or can you only
>use panels combined with panels of that same company. I'm just looking at
>expandability. I'm pretty sure the answer is "no."

Electrically (from an audio and CV perspective) yes, definitely. Though
you'll have to watch for things like EML gear liking to run at 1.2v/octave
while most other gear runs at 1v/octave. There's also the difference
between GATE and VOLTAGE triggers, but in general there's a lot of fun to
be had in mixing and matching.

Now... What I figure you're REALLY concerned about would be jamming a
Doepfer module into a Moog cabinet. Yes, this is an issue and is not
handled easily.

You'll find differences in power supply needs, rear panel connections,
physical panel size, etc.

The best way to handle this is to keep all the gear in it's own private
cabinets, and then cross-connect the machines (MAKE SURE YOU COMMON THE
GROUNDS!) as you need to process things across.

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