From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Fri, Nov 7th 1997, 22:48

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  OFFICE MEMO         DOEPFER PROBLEM REVISITED             Date:  =

Let me see if I can make this more clear. The clock divider has an input, =
a reset, and outputs 2/4/8/16/32. You  input a pulse and it outputs a =
pulse every 2 pulses from out 2, every 4 from out 4, etc. If I wanted a =
hi hat sound playing 16th notes and a kick sound playing quarter notes I =
would send a pulse to an EG to trigger the hat and mult the pulse to the =
clock divider and send output 4 to an EG to trigger the kick. Problem is =
that the the kick would land earlier, not on the beat, with the hat. I =
would have to send the 4 out to a trigger delay to get it to sync up.  =
Increasing the frequency of the pulse and the delay would have to be =
decreased.  Has anyone had this problem? This can't be right. If it is =
designed to behave this way I don't understand why. Please, Doepfer =
people-you encouraged me to buy it. Help me out if you can. Tried Doug at =
Enport, he's working on it.

thanks, ross g