Re: [AH] midi to trigger converter

From Florian Anwander
Sent Tue, Feb 19th 2008, 11:15

Hi Daniele

but what you may really want for an analogue is a trigger which is 
created by a combination of NoteOn and Velocity. The triggers maximum 
voltage should correspond to the velocity value. This enables you to 
play the drummachine dynamically. The shame is: there is no interface 
available on the market (as far as I know), which provides this...


Vintage Synths Made in Italy wrote:

> hi all
> I need to control an old drum machine module with 8 trigger input,
> normally i can use this drum with a built in pad, but i would like to  
> control via midi with something
> that can covert midi signal in trigger signal.
> Someone know some about it, are there some machine that can help me?
> thx in advance
> ciao
> Daniele