[AH] Gear Recommendation: Doeper R2M

From Jan-Hinnerk Helms
Sent Wed, Jul 4th 2007, 22:08


I had a Kurzweil Expression Mate some years ago, but sold it because =20
I did not like how the surface material felt (it had too much =20
resistance and did not allow easy finger movement =96 at least not for =20=

me, YMMV), plus it had no pressure sensitivity.

Recently a colleague bought himself a Doepfer R2M ribbon controller, =20
and was so kind to lend it to me for one evening. This is the result:


It is a rough three track improvisation, the effect at start and end =20
is a ringmodulated triangle. The melody is a lowpass-filtered =20
sawtooth. The harmony is a subharmonic mixture, harmony changes are =20
achieved by switching between different mixtures. All pitch, filter =20
and volume articulations are done with the R2M, except for the =20
ringmodulations faded in/out via a controller. No pitch quantization, =20=

I just wanted to know how much can go "wrong" ;-)

The pressure sensitivity of the R2M (it is the new version I played, =20
I was told the old version was not so good at pressure sensitivity) =20
is wonderful, the surface material allows smooth gliding, the build =20
quality is great, I want one for myself now, and no, I am not paid by =20=


Best regards,