Re: [AH] ARP 2600 vs modular?

From Drew Neumann
Sent Fri, Dec 5th 2008, 22:20

I agree on the EMS clones... very nice.

On Dec 5, 2008, at 10:39 AM, Mati wrote:

> I had a pretty big Doepfer/Plan B/Asys system that I put together, it 
> was really flexible and fun to put together, but at the end of the 
> day, it did not stand up at all to the sound of my 2600. Not even 
> close. So I sold the Doepfer to pay off the 2600, and have not looked 
> back at all. The only euro rack modules I would consider at this point 
> are the Asys modules. I found them to be be really nice, and I LOVE 
> the EMS filter Asys did.
> /m