[AH] FS: Doepfer Modular 6-panel system

From Bill Sequeira
Sent Mon, Jan 5th 2004, 17:41

Doepfer Modular 6-panel system system for sale in excellent condition.

I am in a studio-reduction phase.  The system has the A-111 oscillators, a
155 sequencer and a vocoder panel.   It is composed of the following
modules, installed in 3 Doepfer dual-racks.

x       A      Description
3x    111    VCO
2x    145    LFO
1x    112    Sampler
4x    181    Multiples 2
2x    180    Multiples
2x    140    ADSR
2x    128    Fixed Filter Bank
1x    131    VCA
3x    134    Pan
2x    119    Ext In
1x    170    Slew Limiter
1x    120    VCF1 Lowpass Filter
1x    127    Triple VC Resonant Filter
1x    125    VCP
1x    VCFS   Freq Shifter
2x    138    Mixer (Exp)
1x    147    VCLFO
1x    141    VCADSR
1x    190    MCVS
1x    160    Clock Div
1x    161    Clock Seq
1x    155    Analog/Trig Seq
1x    156    Quant
1x    129/1  VOC-A
1x    129/2  VOC-S
3x    129/3  VOC Slew Lim
1x    129/4  SLC
1x    129/5  VUV
1x    113    Subharmoic Generator
1x    117    DVG
1x    132    Dual VCA
3x     -     Dual Doepfer racks

Price is US$3575.00.  Buyer pays for shipping charges.  Plenty of references
available.  Not looking for trades, but may consider a T8/Waldorf Wave +/-


 Bill Sequeira, Ph.D.
 Principal, Axon Hillock