Re: [AH] FR revolution thoughts

From panflet
Sent Wed, Dec 15th 2004, 14:54


1.amazingly close to a 303 with devilfish mods,closest ive heard.
2.really useful to have sync24,cv/gate,midi outputs
3.circular is cool
4.looks good in the dark.
5.filter cv input is nice
6.filter audio input very nice
7.i like the overdrive
8.well built
9.remix function is worthwhile can create some happy accidents

----- are horrible and cheesy
2.303`s are brilliant because they are so small and run off batteries this 
3.its too big keyboard like a 303 but you can use an external one,overall better 
sequencer but 303 mini keyboard makes certain things easier.
5.wish it had an aux output for the slide like a trig or something.
6.I think the slide is a bit too slow, shame there is no control of it 
,maybe it can be tweaked inside?
7.waste of knobs on the front i.e 2 for the remix function,seems silly.
8.fx are absolutely crap and a COMPLETE waste of time and cant be edited as 
far as i know? what a stupid feature,wastes another 2 knobs as well.
9.waveform should have been programmable from the sequencer. tempo knob