[AH] wtb: Doepfer (etc.) modules

From Phil & Michelle Memmer
Sent Mon, Mar 20th 2000, 16:02

Hi folks,

I'm thinking about picking up some more modules, but thought I'd check the
list before I buy new. If anyone is thinking about selling any Doepfer,
Integrator or Concussor modules, let me know. I'm especially looking for:

A-156 Dual Qualtizer
A-117 Digital Noise/808
A-119 External Input/Env. Follower
A-123 High Pass Filter
A-126 VCFS
A-131 Log. VCA
A-171 VC Slew Limiter
A-181 Multiples II

the joystick module

MC01 Master Clock
any of the sequencers
the HiHat module

I might be interested in other stuff, too. Just let me know.