[AH] Triggers galore... help! Moog Source, Oberheim DX

From David Bivins
Sent Wed, Jan 6th 1999, 17:39

1) Somewhere I printed out a blurb about converting an s-trig input to
v-trig. Was that from here? I can't find it--perhaps I'm searching on the
wrong terms, but does someone know what I'm talking about? I'd like to use
my Roland model 104 sequencer with my Moog Source... I'd prefer to make a
little box with i/o to sit between the seq and the Source rather than
hacking the Source which has not been modded and looks quite beautiful in
its pristine condition.

2) I'm using an Oberheim DX as master clock on a track. Its clock output is
going into a JL Cooper MicroSync which is set to 48ppqn--out the back a din
cable goes into a TR-606 which then sends triggers into the clock in of my
SH-101. I've just started using this MicroSync--shouldn't it be sending
24ppqn into the 606? Well, it's not. The 606 is flying; I thought it would
be at the same relative tempo as the DX after going through the MicroSync,
but nooooooo...

2.5) I don't have a manual for the DX (THE most intuitive drum machine I've
ever used so it hasn't been necessary) so I don't know the skinny on the
clock input. How is it activated? Perhaps mine's not working correctly. I
tried to reverse the above scenario and have the TR-606 as master clock,
into the JL Cooper MicroSync set to 28, then out from there into the DX
clock input, but it wouldn't work. What gives?

3) In (all) your less-than-humble opinion, what's the best piece of gear for
someone who's hopelessly enthralled with triggers? Doepfer Regelwerk? I'm
interested in something like a TR-606x12 I think, which can be interfaced
with MIDI if necessary.

4) I never see mention of the System 100 Model 104 sequencer. Do any of you
use one? Am I the only one who thinks it's wonderfully cool?

Thanks in advance,