Re: [AH] Curtis CEM3340 Search

From emis
Sent Tue, Aug 10th 1999, 19:21

It seems odd to me that everyone is jumping up and down complaining that
Doepfer are offering to buy defunct synths that may contain any CEM3340's.
In the past I have protested about people who modify classic synths, and
destroy our classic synths - but all I got was abuse from people who claim
that they don't care about a classic instrument, it's what it does that
counts they claimed. But now, everyone is seemingly complaining that our
classic synths must be preserved - even the ones that are no longer working
at all. So why is everyone suddenly wanting to preserve classic synths, when
a few months ago everyone wanted to drill holes in them and cut bits out to
modify them. Why has everyone gone paranoid all of a sudden?

If you don't want to sell a dead instrument to someone that may break it up
for spares, then don't sell it - leave it in the attic forever doing bugger
all for the rest of it's life until someday you do finally do throw it out
in the bin.

Andy Horrell